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"Not every piece of creative work you do will be great... But it's all the sucky ideas that lead you to the better or even great ideas." - © Rodd Chant
I've always been someone who thrived on client work. I'd never actually sat and down and created for myself. It's when you do this that you really start to learn stuff and develop as an artist.
So now that I'm up and running as a visualisation and design studio, I'm making time to have a play-around. A test. Doodle in 3D.
Some of these pictures may be a bit strange... , but it's the things I've learned, the techniques tried, that model I fixed up and those textures I found that will go a long way towards my next commisioned project.
March 2020
A vignette from a bathroom VR project
New technique: Just working on my interior skills!
March 2020
Early morning vignette from a Saltsjöbanan project
New tool:  Motion blur on geometry & lights
The 12 o'clock sun that sells
February 2020
Creating a newbuild, and presenting the Swedish way!
New technique: Midday sun that house builders love!
The longest train journey. The worst WiFi
February 2020
Just playing around with some kettles in the studio of max
New lesson learned: Don't book the slow train!
Turning up in Malmö
February 2020
Quick material edit and render before a train to Malmö
New technique: Vignette from a Sketchup model

Better with age?
February 2020
Reworking an old project from 2015
New tools: Motion blur, AO masking
Where does one sit the throne?
February 2020
360VR of a bathroom renovation
New technique: Residential interior 360VR

Forest (Pack) Gump
Febuary 2020
Extra image created from a commisioned project
New tool: Corona Scatter
January 2020
Image made out of a collection of free assets
New tool: Displacement
January 2020
Extra image offered for a commisioned project
New tools: PBR materials, HDRI as background, D.O.F.
How can I help you?
Does your vision need help selling? Can it be visualised and therefore understood? Does it need to "grab" the attention like a film? Do you want to impress the client, or even your client's clients, with a virtual reality tour? Are you satisfied with your project photography?
I can help... packaged projects or consultancy work. Exactly what you want ordered or more than you thought!
Please get in touch regarding your visions, BIG and small! Or just call me in for a chat! /Chris

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