Animation & motion graphics
Excite & inform! Really bring your concept to life with an animation or info-film.
Social media loves a good film or animation. So do those static, boring screens in offices and receptions. What about your public exhibition? Add music and a voiceover to help get your message across.
I can create motion graphics that can simply communicate your message or brand identity. I can also edit and clip films for quick concept animations. Maybe you want a film to promote your own office with a social media clip? Get in touch > about bringing your vision to "looping" life!
H-Huset, Universitetssjukhuset Örebro
This film was commissioned by Region Örebro Län to show the public how the interior of their new hospital building will look.
After flying-in to get an overview of the area, we go in through the main entrance, see the reception and atrium, a waiting room, examination room, operating theatre, recovery room and the ambulance drop-off before flying-out again. The film was accompanied by a speaker, music and motion graphics.
USÖ & H-huset, Örebro
This was the first film requested by Region Örebro Län to show the effect of building the new H-huset hospital building, and it's part in the overall development of the university hospital.
Most of the film shows a "model stylized" animation. It starts with an overview, some historical slides, then a drop down into the model, a flyover across the three main parts of the USÖ development, a breakdown of H-huset and it finishes with a photo-real flyaway. The film again was accompanied by a speaker, music and motion graphics.
Arlanda flygplats - Ny Pir
Stockholm Arlanda will soon have an additional "pier" for increased capacity. This film was commissioned by Swedavia and it contains music and motion graphics.
Strängnäs resecentrum upgrade
This animation was created to show the new double track line between Härad and Strängnäs, and the new station building connecting the platforms, bus and underground carpark. It was commissioned in 2014 by Trafikverket.
The film starts with a fly-in showing Strängnäs' church, an informative sequence showing the major impacts and then a travellers perspective as they arrive by train. The film was to have a subtle stylized effect over it and was accompanied by a speaker, music score and extensive motion graphics.
Bokompakt smart student living​​​​​​​
This film was created to promote the "smart living in 10m2" concept for Tengbom. We organised a class of student actors to play out various scenarios; studying, playing Trivial Pursuit, working out and of course throwing a party!
I clipped together the films, created the text message motion graphics and overlaid sound effects. We created both a Swedish and English version of the film.
It was interesting playing the "director" and being creative with the cuts.
Green Screen promo
As visualisers you can never stop promoting or explaining processes to clients and architects. We required more photo cutout people for a project so we organised a photo shoot. I fixed sweets & snacks to ensure we got a good turnout (we did!) and decided to film the session and run it as a timelapse on Sweco's office screens. The first part is footage from the shoot, the second part are the photos from an "eye-level whilst sitting" height.
One day, 3 images challenge
Sometimes with a tight deadline it's a challenge to see just how much you can get done! In this set of three images I had just a day. The architect only provided an ArchiCAD model.
I put this "timelapse" breakdown of the process together to run on screens at Tengbom to show the architects that visualisation doesn't have to be expensive and slow. Obviously there is a difference between a day and a week's work but if you need an image in a day...
T-Mobile HQ, Milton Keynes
This was the first animation flythrough I worked on entirely myself. I was satisfied considering it was from way back in 2011 and the company, The Interior Group, hadn't worked with animations before.
I wanted to show the exterior first and then go through to the interior offices. I finished off the movie with a night scene across a pool.