Case study - Vizcon visuals for marketing
Visualisation can be just as useful for other companies to use as marketing materials, not just as something sell in their projects. This is exactly what Vizcon, a company that combines construction with marketing material wanted.
I first got in contact wit Vizcon in mid-April after they posted in the Sweviz Facebook group with an interest in visualisers in Sweden. I've had good communication since with a few of the guys there including Martin Carlsson (founder) and Albin Larsson.  They are a young(ish) and growing company with great partnerships with many house builders. They are based in a few locations around the Falkenberg area of Sweden's west coast.
Client details
Martin Carlsson
Vizcon AB
Project brief
Vizcon wanted two images to be able to alternate like their previous example here; one showing a finished house and one with it's construction model.
It would have the feeling of city environment. "Mitt i smeten" as Martin put it.
The model provided was from a recent project the team had worked on.
Drafts & comments
As always, saving drafts is always important to review progress and see if you are heading in the right direction. I like to save these as images in themselves with client comments, and fill out with my own. This helps me focus on the important points.
Final images
Martin and Vizcon are happy with my work processes and the two final images they received. They now plan to use the images for their marketing, with job advert posts and as physical printouts. There is a lot going on expansion and collaboration wise for Vizcon this summer and I am happy to have helped them be more visible. 
They gave me flexibility to choose angles, mood, composition and content. This was a good example of a customer with a brief, but having the confidence to believe in the architectural visualiser's choices.
I decided to create the actual environment that these houses are currently being constructed in so I worked a lot with trees, vegetation and asphalt. See>
3D assets
As ever, model assets and textures are important to portray the right feeling. It's getting that balance of recreating the existing environment against the newly planted trees and gardens. Ivy growing on facades. Wooden panels. Populated but not overdone.
The actors
Placing people realistically is of course vital. A guy in the drop-top sports car, the talking couple with a bike, the nosy neighbour!
"Time of the day" dilemma
These are south facing gardens. I wanted long shadows across the lower right of the image to create interest and to get contrast on the houses.
The problem I was having was the railway would be covered in sunlight. It was distracting. I could have cheated and thrown some tall trees in. I don't like doing this though! I think too much like a photographer! There is now a train on it's way through that casts a shadow across the tracks for the further vignetting effect I was after.
Happy accidents 🤪
Let's hope this guy doesn't have a real accident!
I wanted to put him in the car but I think I'll use a slice modifier to remove that newspaper ASAP...
I'm still available for projects, collaborations, freelancing and employment
Get in touch with me throughout the summer. I'm available from a distance via remote, or locally in-house. I can travel across Sweden and am really looking forward to your enquiries!
It's going to be a great summer and it's already started well with a sun-soaked Midsummer! Make sure your business is still working for you with visualisation while you are all grilling, swimming and 🍻🥂

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