Roll camera... Action! 🎬
I'm a creative person. I see opportunities and think about things I would like to capture or recreate everyday!
These video exercises have all helped develop my film editing skills. I've seen opportunities to promote something visually, or ways to relive events and show them to others. I've enjoyed picking soundtracks to match the footage and tried to cut scenes to the beat.
Sometimes it's my own filmed footage and I already know what I want to create afterwards. I control the way it's filmed. However, sometimes it's footage from other people and that can be a challenge. How do I pull a story out from someone else's varying quality of mobile phone footage? It doesn't matter though. It's only about recreating the memories.
It all started 5 years ago when I was asked to put together a Svensexa (Swedish stag party) movie from the gang's mobile phone footage. Since then it's only gotten more fun, more creative and sometimes... more disturbing! Scroll right down for that... * VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED! *
This little guy has had a treasure hunt masterminded by us every year for his birthday and they only get more creative!
Unfortunately this year the family were not able to get together and take part so I wanted to create an Instagram friendly film so that they could all feel like they had been there on the hunt as well.
80's nostalgia
Easily my favourite childhood series, the car, the locations... THE HOFF!
Experiencing scenes from TV & film in the flesh is great, and I was lucky enough a few years back to be in that part of the world, cruising through similar desert in Arizona. This was my tribute to the opportunity!
Working Torpedos
I wanted to promote our football team Torpedo Kamrat and a fundraising job we did. It was back-breaking!
Without this film who would have known what nice guys we are and the effort we put in! Our social media channels liked it.
Strictly this is not a personal film but the same creative concepts apply!
It was created to promote the "smart living in 10m2" concept for Tengbom. A class of student actors played out various scenarios; studying, Trivial Pursuit, work outs and of course a party!
I clipped together the films, created the text message graphics and overlaid sound effects.
Green Screen
As visualisers you can never stop promoting or explaining processes to clients and architects. We required more photo cutout people for a project so we organised a photo shoot.
I wanted to film the session and run it as a timelapse on Sweco's office screens for promotion of our visualisation services.
ONLY watch this if mankinis DON'T offend you!
I was asked to be my brothers best-man which obviously involves a stag party. I have history however of capturing these events and smashing out funny movies.
This film goes on a bit so just skip ahead...
I'm looking for new project work/employment this autumn, but above all I'm looking for contacts and guidance. I have a broad range of visually creative skills that I believe design related studios could benefit from. I just don't know who you are yet!
Reveal yourselves, give me some advice and win a ☕ or a 🍺 so please get in touch! >​​​​​​​

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