Virtual Reality
VR is one of those "buzz-words" in the industry but what can we do with it & how can we sell it? 
There are a number of VR solutions today that cater for all price and interactivity. With a simple VR rig setup and a software such as Enscape we can bring a fully interactive virtual experience straight from your Revit or Sketchup model. To improve the quality we can involve 3ds Max and/or Unreal and some artist license as well as better assets.
If you order still image visualisation then it doesn't take much more work to create 360 panoramas with the same render quality.
360VR panoramas
360 panoramas are the simpler version of virtual reality, but also the most easily distributed. Anyone with a web-browser, smart phone or cheaper VR headset can experience your project. 
If used in promotion and shared well, you could have hundreds or thousands of visitors. That's a good investment! With a QR code you don't even need a link.
H-Huset, Universitetssjukhuset Örebro
The H-huset tour was developed for a new hospital building, at the University Hospital in Örebro (USÖ). The QR code was created so visitors at the hospital's exhibition could experience the new building on-site. The tour takes the user outside the main entrance, through the entrance, the waiting rooms, an examination room, operating theatre and recovery room.
Region Örebro published this film about H-Huset to promote their exhibition and the interactive VR. As well as showing the 360VR, they looped both of my info-films/animations and presented large format prints of my still images.
Vattugatan 7, Stockholm
Children's bedroom
A 360VR panorama to help our neighbours/family visualise the space in one of their bedrooms if they swapped rooms. Lots of fun throwing in children's toys everywhere!
Family bathroom
A 360VR to give this family a feeling of the size of their newly renovated bathroom.
Arlanda flygplats 360VR
Screen footage of a 360VR panorama of Arlanda Airport, created as a demo for Swedavia.
Fully immersive VR
Fully immersive VR can give the user the full degree of movement and I have actually seen people crawling around on the floor!
It allows for interaction; opening doors, moving chairs, painting... You can change the time of day, become a giant, change the building's finishes... It is very powerful but also can be very development heavy and hardware reliant.
I have setup this type of VR previously at Sweco. We had architects using it to check their Revit models for faults and to experience their designs. Clients also loved using the VR setup. It made a fantastic workshop area where together the our team could experience the project and get more responsive, useful feedback from a better informed client.
Unreal development
I am currently learning how to develop realtime 3D in the Unreal realtime engine to be able to quickly bring in architectural models and create an interactive presentations. Watch this space!

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