Visualise, com-mu-ni-cate, sell!
I'm Chris Webb! I'm a qualified and experienced visualisation artist and industrial designer. I'm a lot more than just a visualiser though.
Why visualisation?
Great project + poor presentation = average project
You've already spent money and resources on your project. It deserves more than a screen grab or quick render. Sprinkle it with visualisation glitter!
Visualise well, communicate clearly
Give your project the "visual impact" it deserves. Make it stand out! Great images, animations, VR and photography will help you communicate, and get your concept won & sold!
I'm recommended!
Chris managed to deliver on time and to brief despite a short delivery time. We are happy with the end result and can recommend Chris Webb as a reliable and relevant supplier of architectural imagery. " - Patrick Barnekow, a-sidan Arkitekter
The classic still image is the most common from of visualisation and is used everywhere; the internet, social media, billboards, magazines, newspapers, brochures, email, public proposal documents...
What kind of visual do you need to sell your concept? Visualise with street & eye-levels, aerials, interiors, competition & vision, residential, landscape and stylised images.
Case studies, interviews, special mentions, personal projects, architectural debates...
See what I'm doing behind the scenes at itschriswebb and read about things I find relevant in the industry.
Think of this as my research and development gallery! From 3D doodles to complete project revisits. These are the things I do between my commissions to develop, improve my efficiency and build up my model and texture libraries
An insight into how I work... Before & after images - how close did the visualisations come to the realised building? Animated GIFs showing how did the image progressed. Also see how I process camera matches.
Films, animation and walkthroughs, motion graphics, green screen photography... When you have a lot of information you want to communicate with a lot of people, create an info-film complete with motion graphics. Upload, share, play!
Virtual Reality
VR. That buzz word...
Give your customers an immersive experience that goes beyond a still image. It's a great tool for really understanding spaces. Impress your clients with high quality "pre-rendered" 360VR panoramic tours or with fully interactive "game engine" experiences.
I plan to study Spelutveckling i 3D-miljö during autumn 2020 so you can expect more interactive game engine work soon!
Product viz
If you're in the development stage with your product, get it visualised and let the people see in advance. Bring forward investment, customers, sales...
Research & development. That thing I do between projects. I like to make time to have a play-around... 3D doodles if you will.
Whether it's photography of an existing project, or to use as a backplate in a 3D visualisation, a great photograph is essential. Those dodgy camera phone pics just don't cut it anymore!
I'd ❤ to hear from you!
Let's start a conversation. BIG concept or small project. Freelance request or a packet of deliverables. Image, film, VR or photography. Meet for a coffee or a beer!
Remember it's the "impression" you give and it's important to stand out! Visualise and get your concept communicated, won and sold!
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