Cardboard VR360 & H-huset
I hope you have managed to put together and use your Cardboard VR, and that you have been around the H-huset hospital. I designed and made the viewers to act as a kind of "luxury" business card. Find a nice place in your office to display it if not in use!
 Here are a few tips to help you out if you're having problems:
- To put the viewer together just join the numbers up - 1 to 1, 2 to 2...
- A smaller phone is recommended in this viewer.
- Scan the QR code on the viewer or click here to go to the VR tour >
- Safety considerations: magnetics included, careful with children or pacemakers. If you feel dizzy, stop immediately.
H-huset, Örebro interiors film
This film was commissioned by Region Örebro Län to show the public how the interior of their new hospital building will look.
After flying-in to get an overview of the area, we go in through the main entrance, see the reception and atrium, a waiting room, examination room, operating theatre, recovery room and the ambulance drop-off before flying-out again. The film was accompanied by a speaker, music and motion graphics.
USÖ & H-huset, Örebro film
This was the first film requested by Region Örebro Län to show the effect of building the new H-huset hospital building, and it's part in the overall development of the university hospital.
Most of the film shows a "model stylized" animation. It starts with an overview, some historical slides, then a drop down into the model, a flyover across the three main parts of the USÖ development, a breakdown of H-huset and it finishes with a photo-real flyaway. The film again was accompanied by a speaker, music and motion graphics.
On-site exhibition
Hospital's social media film
Region Örebro published this film about H-Huset to promote their exhibition and the interactive VR. As well as showing the 360VR, they looped both of my info-films/animations and presented large format prints of my still images.
360 panoramic VR
360 panoramas are the "simpler" version of virtual reality, but also the most easily distributed. Anyone with a web-browser, smart phone or cheaper VR headset can experience your project. With a QR code you can do away with typing in the link. Just think... if this is promoted and shared well, you could have hundreds or thousands of visitors. That's a good investment!
The H-huset tour was developed for a new hospital building, at the Univerisity Hospital in Örebro (USÖ). The QR code was created so visitors at the hospital's exhibition could experience the new building on-site. The client also added a link to the VR tour on the hospital's website - 360VR tour of H-Huset.
The tour takes the user outside the main entrance, through the entrance, the waiting rooms, an examination room, operating theatre and recovery room.
These still images for large prints at the on-site exhibition.
Working processes  & WIP
A Sketchup model of the existing was supplied as well as a Revit model of the new buildings. Also supplied were several landscaping PDF's although outdated. Our studio put together a basic storyboard with a manuscript. The interior architects sent over PDF presentations with furniture guides and colour schemes. We created a loose and sketched storyboard for the interior film. Several local artists supplied information on the art pieces that would be placed around the new hospital building.

Inspiration for the paper model came from Uniform's Greenwich Peninsula project. Their trees and vehicles (below left/centre) were reference for mine (below right).

Motion graphics
Motion graphics were used to help locate the project within the city of Örebro. Squint/Opera's Europa City graphics and animation (below left) were an inspiration for mine (below right).

Speaker & film pace
A manuscript was prepared and a "pacing" chart was created from the Adobe Premiere file so the speaker could see how fast or slow he needed to speak.

Meetings & preparation
In a big project like this and with external clients you need to be organised and clear with communication. It would be too easy for clients and architects to drift off and talk about unnecessary details. A 'dagordning' was put together before most of our main Skype meetings so we could stick to the important points, get our questions answered and lead the client in the direction we believed the film should go in. It is also very useful to give the clients a preview of what we want to discuss. It helps them be prepared.

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