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Where do we start? Coffee? I'll fix a presentation and come visit (pandemic depending).

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+46 (0)72 043 9474
I'm active on the main social networks; LinkedIn for business-y contact, the Facebook Sweviz group (I'm an admin) and my Instagram feed, where you find architectural photography, visualisation and snippets of my personal life - probably cat pictures.
Uppsala HQ
I love meeting people; architects, landscape designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, fellow artists! Uppsala, Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö...
You can also often find me at Arch-Viz conferences across the world; Göteborg, London, Vienna, Venice... even once as far as Las Vegas!
I am always, ALWAYS, interested in discussing collaborations, projects or meeting other industry professionals across Scandinavia or in London and the rest of the UK! I enjoy a coffee. A beer also brings out the creative juices! 
I'd ❤ to hear from you!
Let's start a conversation. BIG concept or small project. Freelance request or a packet of deliverables. Image, film, VR or photography. Meet for a coffee or a beer!
Remember it's the "impression" you give and it's important to stand out! Visualise and get your concept communicated, won and sold!
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