I'm Uppsala based and always a willing traveller!
I love meeting people; architects, landscape designers, entrepreneurs, photographers, fellow artists! Uppsala, Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö... You can also often find me at Arch-Viz conferences across the world; Göteborg, London, Vienna, Venice... even as far as Las Vegas once!
Nils the cat welcomes you to our home/studio
Nils the cat welcomes you to our home/studio
Uppsala is full of surprises!
Uppsala is full of surprises!
I am always, ALWAYS, interested in discussing collaborations, projects or meeting other industry professionals across Scandinavia or in London and the UK!
Social & contact
I am active on many of the main social networks; LinkedIn for a more professional contact, the Facebook Sweviz group (of which I'm an admin) and my Instagram feed where you find a mixture of architectural photos amongst snippets of my personal life.
Of course I'm only an email away: itschriswebb@outlook.com
How can I help you?
Does your vision need help selling? Can it be visualised and therefore understood? Does it need to "grab" the attention like a film? Do you want to impress the client, or even your client's clients, with a virtual reality tour? Are you satisfied with your project photography?
I can help... packaged projects or consultancy work. Exactly what you want ordered or more than you thought!
Please get in touch regarding your visions, BIG and small! Or just call me in for a chat! /Chris
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