Macintosh Render Challenge - Special mention!
We've been in lockdown for some weeks now, although not quite here in Sweden. Luckily for us 3D artists, Fabio Palvelli has setup weekly render contests! Here's my take on the classic Macintosh 128k and why the judges gave me a special mention :)
At the time of writing this we are into the 5th week of Fabios 3D challenges and I must take the chance to thank him, the judges and partners, and to say WOW! to all of the entries. Amazing and creative work!
Competition rules
Well there were none really! It was very simple. Render something with the model he provided (see image).
About the Apple Macintosh
Good industrial design has always been interesting to me. I studied it at university and have done a lot of reading into the Apple Macintosh's history. It's designed to look "user friendly" and it's UI was a complete revolution from the DOS based competition. In fact the modern day Microsoft Windows UI was borrowed from the icon and graphic layout of the Mac's OS. Upon startup (or a failed startup) the screen would show an Icon representation of the Mac with a smiley face.
Entry & comments
I got a kick out of these! My hat is off to you Chris! " - Mike Golden >
It took balls for Chris to go that way! " - Fabio Palvelli >
A surprise. I was not expecting something like that. " - Thomas Dubois >
Yeah, they're great! It makes sense. That was the whole thing that made the Macs different. " - Jason Bergeron >
I also submitted this screen grab to prove this was an actual rendering!
I rendered at 28 x 36px using an extremely narrow camera lens and a whole set of ridiculous noise and blur settings. Not a great rendering but a creative way to use 3ds Max and Corona.
Thanks & livestream
Thanks again Fabio and co. for keeping us all entertained and sharp during these difficult times! It really is a pleasure to be part of this visualisation industry with so many great people in it.
Stay safe everyone!

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