Interview - London School of Film, Media & Design
I travelled back to the UK mid-November and one of the things I did there was attend the Bluegfx Expo19 conference. I was really impressed with the speakers and it's always refreshing to catch up with some of the London viz crowd.
It was great to meet Angus Luscombe and Florian Stephens, two of my former tutors from when I studied 3D Animation & Modelling at the London College of Communication back in 2008! They are both still teaching and are running the BA Hons VFX course at the London School of Film, Media & Design.
The course has it's own webpage for the student's showreels, blog and a meet the team section. They also have an "industry interview" series and when they asked it was a no-brainer to contribute to this! It consisted of 5 questions relevant to recruitment, my life as a visualisation artist and my inspirations.
Thanks guys for asking me to contribute, and good luck to all the students. I hope my rambling helps!

How can I help you?
Does your vision need help selling? Can it be visualised and therefore understood? Does it need to "grab" the attention like a film? Do you want to impress the client, or even your client's clients, with a virtual reality tour? Are you satisfied with your project photography?
I can help... packaged projects or consultancy work. Exactly what you want ordered or more than you thought!
Please get in touch regarding your visions, BIG and small! Or just call me in for a chat! /Chris

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