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Product visualisation
Realise and start selling your concept, even before production!
It was product design in the early 2000's that originally got me into a visualisation. I studied Industrial Design & Technology at the renowned Brunel University Design campus, and it was through visualising our concepts that we successfully communicated our ideas.
If you're in the development stage with a product and you need to get investors or customers on board, get your project visualised! Nothing will sell your concept better than visuals. Seeing is believing!
▲ Product renders for the Ellipse light by Light & Leather.
▲ More product renders.
I'd ❤ to hear from you!
Let's start a conversation. BIG concept or small project. Freelance request or a packet of deliverables. Image, film, VR or photography. Meet for a coffee or a beer!
Remember it's the "impression" you give and it's important to stand out! Visualise and get your concept communicated, won and sold!

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