As an Architectural Visualiser and 3D Artist I have 10+ years experience including the well respected and pioneering Hayes Davidson studio, Wagstaffs Design, and in-house with Sweco Architects and Tengbom.
I story-tell with images, bring projects to life with animation & info-films, and create interactivity with 360 panoramic virtual reality.
I've worked in London, Stockholm, Uppsala and Örebro. I speak English och också svenska!!
So why does my project need a visualiser or artist?
To generate sales or public interest! These offices are not going to rent themselves out! Or maybe only the fans will hire them?
To win a competition! Under pressure, time running out, design not finished, meltdown in the office... love it!
To get planning permission! Sometimes you just have to show what the project will look like. No flares. No children. NO BALLOONS!
For conceptualising! Sometimes you've got to just throw everything you've got at a loose idea. Self driven electric cars that turn into elevators? No problem!
Informing people on repeat! When you have a lot of information you want to share with a lot of people, create an info-film with extensive use of motion graphics.
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