Product designers / Produktdesigners
You design new products for consumers. Form and function are key to you. So is getting early financing to cover your up-front production costs.
Visualisation gets investors onboard, engages early interest and drives pre-orders. So how can my product visualisation sell your product?
It was product design in the early 2000's that originally got me into a visualisation. I studied Industrial Design & Technology at the renowned Brunel University Design campus, and it was through visualising our concepts that we successfully communicated our ideas.
If you're in the development stage with a product and you need to get investors or customers on board, get your project visualised! Nothing will sell your concept better than visuals. Seeing is believing!
Client recommendation
" Taking the 3D model into visualisation meant I was able to change materials and details quickly. The renderings really brought the concept together as a package. I am happy with the pictures! "
Fredrik Wåhlin, Leather and Light AB
Ellipse lamp
Client: Leather and Light