Norviks Hamn broar, Stockholm
Type: Infrastructure (rail & road bridges)
Client: Norviks Hamn (original client)
Date: 2024 (original images 2018)

It was almost Christmas, and almost no assignments left for 2023. That meant skills development! 💪🤓
I was never satisfied with my images from this 2018 project so it deserved another chance. I chose an eye-level view and sunlight that highlighted the bridge's structure. Maybe overdid the fog but... 🌫
As I've previosuly said, I now work a lot with infrastructure projects. I've been a train geek so this type of project is fun to work on. Get in touch with your Sweco colleagues if you have an ongoing assignment that needs images of the future #transport 🚲🚗🚎🚝🚁
2024 re-render of the below image
2018 cycle & walk/rail bridge image
2018 cycle & walk/road bridge image

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