Chris Webb

Who is he, where he's been, what he likes, the language & how to contact him.....

I'm a architectural visualiser specialising in illustration, animation and 360 VR panoramas.
It's my job to bring out a focus, quality and mood in my client's images. I believe in investigating  exactly what it is my client wants to communicate in an image. "Just hitting render" is not good enough. "Seeing everything" doesn't cut it.
I set high standards and look to the works of Squint/Opera, MIR, Hayes Davidson, Dbox, Walk the Room...  

I have many years experience working with London visualisation studios, and now in Sweden I have worked in-house for two of Scandinavia's biggest architectural firms.
Sweco Architects, Stockholm
Tengbom Arkitekter, Stockholm & Uppsala
Hayes Davidson, London
The Interiors Group, London
Wagstaffs Design, London

I enjoy networking and so have co-setup the Swedish Arch-Viz group, Sweviz, where we encourage collaboration, skill sharing, problem solving and of course a social beer every now and then. I'm British. I'm good at that!
I play and am a member on the comittee/styrelsen for Flogsta FC in Uppsala, enjoy bouldering/klättering, sometimes I run 10k races, but mostly I enjoy visiting the cities of Europe and tasting new beers!

Jag pratar, skriva och förstår Svenksa nu äntligen! Jag har borde här snart fem års och lära nytt hela tiden. Ibland där också finns roliga fel!

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