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How long does a project take, what do I need to prepare and how much does it cost?
Every project is unique. Time, cost and quality are affected by many factors. There are many misconceptions when considering the costs of visualisation. Some people think it's expensive. But are you using it as a design tool? Or if you think about visualisations percentage of the total costs, and the probable boost in sales, then it's a low-cost, big-gain investment.
3D model or CAD?
If you already have a model then you have probably already started investigating camera angles and materials. Good start! Any model works. Simple SketchUp to a Revit & BIM linked model.
Support material
Are you providing material swatches? PDF layouts? Mood boards? Think about the feeling you want to get across and find some reference images.
Rounds of changes?
Do you know what you want from the start or is this a project that will develop over time? How many people are involved? Who has the final say? It's better to get fewer bigger changes fixed early on. Tweaking comes last.

It's not only the size of a project that has an effect on the amount of work involved and the price. The value of the visualisation is also a factor. A lamp image has a lesser end-value-benefit than that of an airport's. Look into your figures...
So, how much?
You'll get a breakdown documenting the project brief, important dates, services provided, inventory, location of works, pricing and the deliverables.

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