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Illustrations, renderings, CGI's... the most widespread media helping your audience focus on your vision!
"An illustration is a visual explanation of a concept, designed for integration in published media, such as posters, flyers, magazines, books, teaching materials, animations, video games and films." Thanks Wikipedia. So that's basically all over!
An advantage illustrations have over film and VR is their ability to to lead the viewer, to story-tell or to create a focal point. Your message won't get lost. Your viewer won't be looking completely the wrong way in the virtual world. You have the control and lead their eyes.
Street-level, aerial, interior, competition & vision, residential, landscape, stylised, camera matches... Scroll down and get in touch. There's a lot to see!
Let your audience 'look-in' to your concept from a recognisable location; the street, a park, the town square. Bring them in closer to the action; sit them at a coffee shop, pitch-side, or from the cycle lane.
Senapsfabriken, Uppsala. A marketing image commisioned to help Magnolia Bostad and Sweco sell these centrally located apartments.
More street-level illustrations
Vasagatan, Stockholm - Stockholms Stad
Kv. Hilton, Solna - Vasakronan
Eyraporten, Örebro
Eyraporten, Örebro
Gränbystaden, Uppsala - Sweco & Atrium Ljungberg
Elbuss concept - Stockholms Trafikförvaltning
Värmdovägen - Nacka Kommun
Aerial/bird's eye
Is the location of your project the most important thing? Or showing the extent and area of your concept? Maybe it's a masterplan? An aerial image gives your audience the best overview of your concept. It can help them locate themselves and get an understanding of the density and size. Something to remember though - an overview won't portray "being in the scheme" so don't overload these images with too many details!
Eyraporten, Örebro - Sweco Architects
Rosenkälla - Sweco Architects
Remonthagen - Sweco & Östersundshem
KV. Hilton, Solna - Sweco & Vasakronan
Centralstationen, Stockholm - Sweco & Jernhuset
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
Gränbycentrum, Uppsala - Sweco & Artium Ljungberg
Östermalm saluhall, Stockholm - Tengbom
Solvalla, Stockholm - Tengbom
Competition & vision
Short deadline, incomplete and constantly changing CAD models, little supporting material... Sounds like a competition project! Sometimes you just have to throw everything you've got at the image. Think "lipstick on a pig"!!
It's a delicate balance dressing something up that your architects are never finished with whilst trying to keep to your visualisation and artistic principles. I'm flexible, I'm willing and I love it!
Göteborg 2070 vision - Sweco & Göteborg Stad
Northvolt factory competition - Sweco
Northvolt factory competition - Sweco
Stockholm Centralstation competetion - Jernhuset & Sweco
Riga Centralstation competition - Sweco
Riga Centralstation competition - Sweco
Riga Centralstation competition - Sweco
Remonthagen, Östersund. Sales image commisioned by Östersundshem and Sweco.
More residential illustrations
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
BACHO, Enköping - Sweco Architects
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
Valla Park, Stockholm - Tengbom
Cole Park, UK - Wagstaffs
Seven Acres, Cambridge. My original illustration compared with a photograph of this Skanska UK project. It's always interesting to see visualised buildings completed.
Seven Acres, Cambridge - Hayes Davidson & Skanska UK
Photo - Seven Acres, Cambridge
Senapsfabriken, Uppsala. My original illustration compared with a photograph of Magnolia Bostad's central Uppsala apartment building.
Senapsfabriken, Uppsala - Magnolia Bostad & Sweco Architects
Photo - Senapsfabriken, Uppsala
Landscape architects are an interesting bunch! For them "softness" in form and materiality is important. They are often in conflict with the other architects. Is the building the focal point or is it the surrounding landscape? As an illustrator quite often it's my job to balance these demands!
Rålambshovspark, Stockholm - Sweco Architects
Rålambshovspark, Stockholm - Sweco Architects
Gränbystaden, Uppsala - Sweco Architects
Årstastråket, Stockholm - Sweco Architects
Wetland Park - Sweco (with Amanda Wahlén)
Jarla Tunnelbanan station - SL & Sweco (with Amanda Wahlén)
Värmdovägen, Stockholm - Nacka Kommun & Sweco
Wetlands Park, China - Sweco
Camera matches
Vasagatan, Stockholm - My original photograph camera matched in 3D, the trees photoshopped away, and then my rendering dropped in. This image shows the proposed improved traffic layout for pedestrians and cyclists for Stockholm Stad. Shame about the planting removal though...
Original photograph
Final camera match with heavy clone stamping to remove trees and render overlayed - Stockholms Stad
Badstrandsvägen, Stockholm. My original photograph, camera matched in 3D, extended on both sides and with tree removal in Photoshop, and finally my rendering dropped in. Stockholm Stad commisioned this image to illustrate the new cycle layout, lookout point and the addition of information signs.
Original photograph
Sky & photo extension. Clone stamping
Final camera match with render - Stockholms Stad

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